Star Forces Space Shooter Hack Free Gold Cheats


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Star Forces Space Shooter Hack

Star Forces Space Shooter – A starship action simulator like you’ve never seen before. Pilot ships, destroy enemies and team up with other players. Blast past danger zones, complete missions and mine gold and crystals. Modernize and upgrade your starship fleet and dominate epic battles at the edge of the universe!

What is Star Forces?: 

6 starship classes. 
Start with a simple space bomber and upgrade your fleet to include superheavy and super powerful battleships, destroyers, frigates and more. The better you are as a captain, the stronger your team!

More than 30 starships! 
Choose from over 30 different star cruisers with their own unique stats and abilities. Raider, Chimera, Olympus, SoulCatcher, Eclipse, Paladin and more are waiting, captain! Upgrade and add rockets, cosmic military tech and mounted turrets.

Team match. 
Form stellar teams with other players and dominate space together!

Customize your starships. 
Choose from over 100 weapon types and all kinds of modules and equipment. Boost weapon damage per second, and reduce recharge time, distance and lots more.
You choose what to modify!

Dynamic gameplay. 
Welcome to the deep space world of fast paced, dynamic battles! Track and hunt down enemies before they destroy you first, and take cover behind cosmic bodies and advanced structures.

Cosmic missions. 
Wipe out enemy fleets, inflict a certain amount of damage, battle back-to-back and complete lots more tasks!

Public game chat. 
Chat with other players in the lobby to share experiences, swap ideas and get to know captains from all over the universe.

Unlock cases and get gear. The better the case, the better the chance to get valuable prizes.

Designed to be played on all kinds of devices. If you have an older phone but still want to blast off into deep space, just configure graphics at the minimum.